Welcome to¬†Against All Odds, a continually in-progress site where I’ll be adding all my research about Mississippi’s first African American legislators during the period of Reconstruction. Some, like Hiram Revels, are already well known. Others have faded into obscurity, and they are the reason I created this site. If you would like to contribute information about any of these men, please do!


Albright, George Washington (Marshall)
Barrow, Peter Barnabus (Warren)
Bell, Monroe (Hinds)
Boulden, Jesse Freeman (Lowndes)
Bowles, Countelow M. (Bolivar)
Bowles, George F. (Adams)
Boyd, Anderson (Oktibbeha)
Boyd, George W. (Warren)
Boyd, Walter (Yazoo)
Brooks, Arthur (Monroe)
Brown, George P. A. (Tunica)
Brunt, Orange (Panola)
Bush, Charles W. (Warren)
Butler, George William (Sharkey)
Caldwell, Charles (Hinds)
Caradine, J. W. (Clay)
Carter, Hannibal C. (Warren)
Cessor, James D. (Jefferson)
Charles, George (Lawrence)
Chavis, George Washington (Warren)
Chiles, Benjamin (Oktibbeha)
Christmas, Richard (Copiah)
Clemens, C. P. (Clarke)
Cocke, John (Panola)
Cory, Felix (Adams)
Cotton, Thomas A. (Noxubee)
Davis, Alexander Kelso (Noxubee)
Davis, Willis (Adams)
Dixon, James M. (Yazoo)
Edwards, Weldon W. (Warren)
Fitzhugh, Samuel W. (Wilkinson)
Foley, Hugh M. (Wilkinson)
Foote, William H. (Yazoo)
Gayles, George Washington (Bolivar)
Gleed, Robert (Lowndes)
Glenn, J. H. (Lowndes)
Gray, William (Washington)
Green, David S. (Grenada)
Griggs, Richard (Issaquena)
Handy, Alfred Newton (Madison)
Handy, Emanuel (Copiah)
Harris, W. H. (Washington)
Harrison, Henry H. (Chickasaw)
Head, Charles P. (Warren)
Hence, William W. (Adams)
Henderson, Ambrose (Chickasaw)
Hicks, Wilson (Rankin)
Higgins, David (Oktibbeha)
Hill, James (Marshall)
Holmes, William (Monroe)
Houston, Russell Walker (Issaquena)
Howard, Merrimon (Jefferson)
Howard, Perry (Holmes)
Jacobs, Henry P. (Adams)
Jenkins, David (Madison)
Johnson, Albert (Warren)
Johnson, J. H. (DeSoto)
Johnson, William (Hinds)
Jones, William H. (Issaquena)
Kendrick, Reuben (Amite)
Landers, William R. (Jefferson)
Lynch, James D.
Lynch, John Roy (Adams)
Lynch, William H. (Adams)
Mallory, William H. (Warren/Leflore/Sunflower)
Mathews, D. T. J. (Panola)
Mayson, Henry (Hinds)
McCain, Thomas (DeSoto)
McFarland, J. W. (Rankin)
McNeese, Marshall (Noxubee)
Mitchell, Cicero (Holmes)
Monroe, Joseph E. (Coahoma)
Moore, James Aaron (Lauderdale)
Morgan, John H. (Washington)
Moseley, George G. (Hinds)
Nathan, Cato (Monroe)
Nettles, Randle (Oktibbeha)
Newsom, Matthew T. (Claiborne)
Norris, C. F. (Hinds)
Overton, Lawrence W. (Noxubee)
Patterson, James G. (Yazoo)
Peal, Alfred (Marshall)
Piles, James H. (Panola)
Randolph, John W. (Sunflower/Leflore)
Reese, Charles (Hinds)
Revels, Hiram Rhodes (Adams)
Richards, E. A. (Lowndes)
Riley, Samuel (Wilkinson)
Rogers, A. A. (Marshall)
Sanderlin, Samuel A. (Washington/Issaquena)
Scarborough, Edmund (Holmes)
Settle, Josiah Thomas (Panola)
Shadd, Isaac D. (Warren)
Shattuck, James W. (Wilkinson)
Shirley, Nathan (Monroe/Chickasaw)
Simmons, James S. (Issaquena/Washington)
Simpson, Adam D. (Madison)
Smith, George C. (Coahoma)
Smith, Gilbert (Tunica)
Smith, Haskin (Claiborne)
Smothers, Joseph (Claiborne)
Spelman, Dr. James J. (Madison)
Stewart, Fred (Holmes)
Stewart, Isham (Noxubee)
Stites, Doctor (Washington)
Stringer, Thomas W. (Warren)
Sykes, Thomas (Panola)
Thompson, Robert (Lowndes)
Truhart, Harrison H. (Holmes)
Vaughan, Guilford (Panola)
Wade, F. Dora (Yazoo)
Walker, Jefferson Cobb (Monroe)
Washington, George (Carroll)
Washington, George R. (Adams)
Weatherly, Tenant (Holmes)
Webster, John D. (Washington)
White, George W. (Wilkinson)
Williams, Jeremiah M. P. (Adams)
Williams, Ralph (Marshall)
Yancey, Charles A. (Panola)
Young, James B. (Washington)