Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson (Marion County)

State House: 1870-1871

Served as a county election registrar. Member of the House Committee on Agriculture. According to a disparaging article in the Clarion-Ledger, he was a preacher who “belonged to a family of the most accomplished hog thieves in the State of Louisiana.” I have been unable to locate further information about Wilson at this time.

“Among the negro population who were prominent in political affairs during this period, were: Sol Hart, Silas Brown, Irwin Foster, Jim Pittman and Michael Wilson. It is said they were good law abiding citizens and co-operated with the white people… Michael Wilson represented the county in 1870-1871.”
(WPA history of Marion County)

Clarion-Ledger, November 18, 1869
Clarion-Ledger, July 21, 1870