David Higgins

David Higgins (Oktibbeha County)

State House: 1870-1871

Born: c. 1823 in South Carolina

In 1867, Higgins and other freedmen signed a sharecropping contract with C. P. Montgomery in Sand Creek; click here to view a number of documents relating to Higgins’ account with Montgomery. Higgins is listed on the 1880 census in Oktibbeha County with wife Maria and several sons. In his Historical Sketches of Oktibbeha County, Thomas Battle Carroll mentions that Higgins was a preacher.

“In this palmy time of the negro and carpetbagger in old Oktibbeha an old negro named Dave Higgins made a speech to his fellow Ethiops in the course of which he admonished them after this fashion ‘You niggers quit ‘busing the white folks, for some white folks is as good as niggers.'”
(F. Z. Browne, “Reconstruction in Oktibbeha County,” Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Volume 13, 1913)

Contract with Freedmen, March 9, 1867
Contract with Freedmen, Mar 9, 1867