Clarion Ledger, February 17, 1876

Clarion Ledger, February 17, 1876

Impeachment of T. W. Cardozo.

The House has done its duty nobly in preferring articles of impeachment against T. W. Cardozo, Superintendent of Public Instruction, upon charges of forgery, embezzlement and peculation in office. The vote stood 101 to 4. For particulars see elsewhere.

The members of the House who voted against the report of the committee recommending the impeachment of Cardozo were Messrs. Edwards, (colored Republican) Reynolds, (white Democrat) Jones of Issaquena, (colored Republican) and Sanderlin, (colored Republican) four in all. The Republicans who voted for the report were Messrs. Brown, (col.) Chiles, (col.) Hussey, (white) Jacobs, (col.) Jenkins, (col.) Monroe, (col.) McNeise, (col.) Overton, (col.) Parsons, (white) Shattuck, (white) and Young, (col.) eleven in all.

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