Weekly Democrat-Times, May 10, 1879

Weekly Democrat-Times, May 10, 1879


The following are a series of Resolutions adopted by fifty seven colored delegates on board of steamer John B. Maude:

Resolved, that it is the sense of the delegates now en route to their homes from La. Ark. and Miss., that the resolutions adopted by the late Labor Convention if faithfully carried out will bring quiet to the country; and that we will use our best endeavors in our counties and parishes, to have our people give the pledges then and there made a fair and imparsial trial; and if not carried out, will not consider it our duty to oppose emmigration from any of the States represented in said Convention; but until then we will do all in our power to quiet the unrest of our people.

G. W. Gales of Miss., President.
T. P. Galbrath of La. Secretary.
John D. Webster of Miss. Chairman of Committee.

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