Vicksburg Herald, August 17, 1875

Vicksburg Herald, August 17, 1875


Ross Improving and Gray Still Absent – No Further Trouble Apprehended.

A private letter to a gentleman in this city from a prominent citizen of Greenville gives the following particulars of the disturbance at Greenville last Thursday evening, of which mention was made in the HERALD on Sunday: “Gray, Brig. Gen. and State Senator, is a candidate for Sheriff of Washington county, and has boasted through the county that Gov. Ames would send him two thousand stand of arms, and that under his (Gray’s) orders his soldiers could murder every white man, woman and child in the county. This threat Gray, who is a Baptist Beecher elder, has made in all his churches. Last Wednesday he and J. Allen Ross, J. D. Webster, and two fugitives from justice in Little Rock, Arkansas, Brockley Bill and Joe Helon, and a few more negroes, became intoxicated and commenced breaking windows, etc. Thursday they made an attack upon clothiers named Brill & Bros., shooting at them several times. A number of citizens then appeared upon the scene and shot Ross three times, one ball going through both cheeks, one in the back of the head and one in the shoulder blade. The shot for Gray missed fire and the haughty Brigadier-General ran so fast that it would be doubtful about a bullet overtaking him. Judge Shackleford put some of the party in jail, but Gray could not be found. Ross is in bed and may recover.

There was nothing political in the affair. A great many ex-United States soldiers, including our informant, of both political parties were on the side of the citizens. A large meeting of white citizens was held at the store of Dr. Lewis, and all are pledged to assist in putting down the vagabonds. The whole trouble has grown out of the appointment of Gray as Brigadier-General by Gov. Ames. At last accounts Ross was walking about his room, and believed he would recover. Gray and Webster had not returned from the country. Everything was tranquil in Greenville: the pickets had been withdrawn and business pursuing the “even tenor of its way.”

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