New Ulm Weekly Review, Mar 6, 1889

New Ulm Weekly Review, Mar 6, 1889

Minnesota Legislature.


SENATE. After a spirited debate, the senate reduced the number of parasites that have fastened themselves upon that body. The useless employees who are thrown out of their positions by this action of the senate are Gilbert Martinson and Charles McCann, assistant doorkeepers; Rev. William Gray, keeper of the gallery, and O. S. Blake, postmaster. The ten committee clerks whose heads went into the basket are: C. L. Hilton, banks and banking; O. C. Belyea, grain and warehouse; O. G. Farsdale, seed grain; George W. Tuosier, institute for the deaf, dumb and blind; Alton Crosby, public lands; H. E. Ives, towns and counties; G. W. Taylor, state public school; J. K. Mertz, corporations; T. J. Merrill, booms, logs and lumber; E. M. Woodward, claims.

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