Memphis Public Ledger, November 8, 1875

Memphis Public Ledger, November 8, 1875

Here is what the Panola (Miss.) Star says about Orange Brunt, one of the Radical Mississippi negroes who has lately sought comfort in the bosom of Ed Shaw:

We see from the columns of the Appeal that Orange Brunt, that slippery, flickering specimen of humanity, has been attempting to incite a lot of drunken negroes in Memphis to assault Younger, who did such valiant service in our behalf in the canvass. To show what a poor apology for even a colored man Orange Brunt is, he had inserted in the Star a very bitter denunciatory card of the Radical ticket of this county, and withdrawing his name from it, and in less than twelve hours the Rads had him brought up and he was apologizing for publishing the card and claiming the greatest virtues for the very men he denounced only twelve hours before as being infamous and corrupt.

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