New Era, March 17, 1870

New Era, March 17, 1870

Tennessee State Convention of Colored Citizens.

To the Editor of the New Era:

The colored citizens of Tennessee held a State Convention, in Nashville, on the 21st, 22d, and 23d of February last. There were over one hundred delegates in attendance from forty-three counties. Abram Smith, Esq., of Nashville, was chosen temporary President of the Convention, and John M. Shelton appointed Secretary. Committees on credentials and permanent organization were appointed. During the absence of the committees the Convention was addressed by George Carter, Rev. Moses R. Johnston, Adam Young of Davidson, Dr. J. B. Young of Knox, C. M. Johnson of Sumner, Joseph Wilcox of Montgomery, and T. M. King of Hamilton. The report of the Committee on Credentials was adopted, and ordered to be made the roll of the Convention. The Committee on Permanent Organization made the following report; which was adopted:

J. B. Young, of Knox, President.


Much important business was transacted by the Convention. The many wrongs that are being perpetrated daily upon the colored people in Tennessee were reported in their true light, and a committee of four was appointed to proceed to Washington and lay all the facts before the President and Congress of the United States, and ask for some redress. The committee consists of the following gentlemen, viz: J. B. Young, of Knox; W. T. Kennedy, of Shelby, Rev. Moses R. Johnston, of Davidson, and J. C. Davis, of Jefferson, who have gone to Washington, as directed, with affidavits and petitions. The Convention was a complete success, and many very able colored men, of which any State might be proud, were in attendance as delegates. S.

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