Daily Press and Herald, Mar 11, 1870

Daily Press and Herald, Mar 11, 1870


The Public Would Like to Know,

Who Favors Anarchy in Tennessee.

Editors Press and Herald:

I am credibly informed that Dr. J. B. Young, (colored) and Eldad Cicero Camp, (white) left this city together, on Saturday last, for Washington, in order to do what they could to destroy business and create anarchy in Tennessee, by so misrepresenting the condition of the State and the sentiments of the people as to induce Congress to interfere with the present State government.

I am also credibly informed, Messrs. Editors, that on the evening previous to the departure of the two worthies named, a caucus of the leading spirits in this movement was held at the room of Dr. J. B. Young (colored,) on Market Square, Knoxville, which was attended by William Rule, M. D. Bearden, E. C. Camp, H. L. W. Mynatt, (all white) and other colored men.

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