Courier-Journal, June 30, 1895

Courier-Journal, June 30, 1895

It has been rumored among the colored Republicans that Capt. H. S. Irwin, the Republican nominee for Railroad Commissioner, is opposed to the repeal of the Separate Coach Bill, and to discover his exact position on the question J. Allen Ross, a colored attorney, addressed the following letter to him over two weeks ago:

“Hon. H. S. Irwin, Republican Nominee for Railroad Commissioner, Louisville, Ky. Dear Sir: It is in behalf of the colored people that these few lines are written to you, as they, with myself, wish to know your views on a matter of vital importance to them, and as a colored man practicing law at Louisville, Ky., and interested in the welfare of my race and people, seek an early answer from you to the following questions, viz.:

“First – Are you in favor of ‘the separate coach law,’ requiring white and colored people to ride in separate coaches on railroads in Kentucky?

“Second – If you are elected a Railroad Commissioner, will you labor and vote for the immediate repeal of ‘the separate coach law?’ Respectfully, your humble servant, J. ALLEN ROSS.

“515 Court Place.”

No answer has been received.

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