Weekly Mississippi Pilot, Jan 30, 1875

Weekly Mississippi Pilot, Jan 30, 1875


LEOTA LANDING, MISS., Jan. 26, ’75.

To the Editors of the Pilot:

In accordance with a notice, a mass meeting was held at Leota Landing, District No. 1, Washington county, at 1 o’clock, p.m., to-day. The meeting was called to order by Mr. T. P. VanSant, member of the County Executive Committee.

On motion, Mr. Daniel Waters was elected Chairman and Mr. John Williams was elected Secretary. Mr. Waters proceeded to state the object of the meeting, which was to consider the matter of the appointment of County Superintendent of Public Education, to be filled by appointment by the State Board of Education, and to elect delegates to attend the County Convention at Greenville on the 30th inst.

On motion, a committee was appointed by the Chairman to select delegates to attend said Convention. The following committee, T. P. VanSant, William James and Scott Washington retired and recommended the following as delegates to the said Convention: Alexander Waters, Eli Fletcher, Green Johnson, Cornelius Johnson, John Durham, Adam Metcalfe, George Hughes, Stewart Haney, Edward Owens, Jefferson Valentine and Syms Brady.

On motion, the report was received and adopted.

On motion, the delegates were instructed by the meeting to cast their votes for J. Allen Ross, as the choice of the voters of District No. 1, for the next County Superintendent of Public Education.

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