Daily Commercial Herald, Jun 13, 1895

Daily Commercial Herald, Jun 13, 1895

The following delegates were elected to attend the National Conventions of Republican League Clubs, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, June 19, 1895:

State-at-Large – A. M. Lea, E. W. Lampton, L. B. Moseley, T. V. McAllister, Geo. F. Bowles and James Hill.

First District – W. F. Elgin, M. A. Blanchard, P. W. Vassar and R. D. Littlejohn.

Second District – John S. Burton, G. S. Goodman, S. M. Howry, J. I. Stafford.

Third District – Wesley Crayton, J. E. Onsley, S. P. Hurst and G. W. Gilliam.

Fourth District – W. D. Frazee, Joshua Stevens, B. W. Foree and D. W. Turner.

Fifth District – J. R. Smith, J. R. S. Pitts, T. Weatherly and J. I. Garrett.

Sixth District – F. W. Collins, J. W. Randolph, W. G. Henderson and R. H. Wood.

Seventh District – J. J. Williams, John McGill, B. J. Jackson and Emile Engbarth.

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