Foley to Grant, p. 2

Foley to Grant, p. 2

Letter from Hugh M. Foley to Ulysses S. Grant, p. 2

Mr N B Earheart, John J Foley, and Abram Scott all received each their coffin to leave within fifteen days or else they must prepare themselves to suffer the consequences. The late named gentlemen is the County Assessor, the others are not officers, but are leading republicans and old residents of the County, and own both real & personal property in the town of Woodville. The republicans are not permitted to assemble peacably in their meeting for fear violence and these so called armed Regulators say publicly that we shall not exercise our political opinion or preferences. I have to the best of my ability in a brief manner to lay before you our troubles and grievances in that County.

I therefore ask you in the name of God and the suffering republicans of that County to send us troops that we may be protected and saved from personal destruction.

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