Tri-Weekly Clarion, July 29, 1869

Tri-Weekly Clarion, July 29, 1869


Norris Proposes to burn Rev. Jas. Lynch in Effigy.


Fighting Ensues and the Jail Catches a Cage Full.

“Let Us Have Peace,”

On Tuesday night the sound of fife and drum drew a crowd to the vicinity of the Capitol when it became known that the “District Republican (Radical) Club would hold a special called meeting in the Senate Chamber for the purpose of transacting important business.” Thither the crowd repaired with no evil thought “to mar the wave that rolled across their peaceful breasts.” Arriving at the hall the President called the meeting to order, when there was a series of resolutions offered, the purport of which was to “read the Rev. James Lynch out of the ‘party,'” and to hang and burn him in effigy. Several “loyal American citizens” supported the resolutions, when Norris, one of the aforesaid “loyal” suggested the propriety of at once proceeding to the execution of the design of the resolutions, and that the fun be had directly in front of the residence of Lynch. At this juncture, Henry Mayson appeared upon the scene and demanded that his voice should be heard in the land, and his demand being granted, he proceeded to denounce the whole assembly as a lot of blackguards and disorganized mob, and closed his remarks by saying, “As far as I am concerned, I leave you, and I hope I won’t be Ku Kluxed before I get home.”

This was a signal for a general stampede, and in less time than it takes to tell the story, there was scarcely a dozen persons remaining in the hall. Reaching the rotunda of the building, high words ensued and a general fisticuff was indulged in amongst the opposing parties, but the Lynch party being in the ascendency, their opponents were very soon vanquished.

Policeman Charles Morgan, (colored) was promptly on the scene, and arrested and confined a member of the beligerents in jail, but the Sheriff deeming the arrest unjust, released all but two; these two were brought before Justice Peyton Robinson, (colored) yesterday morning, who fined them $8 each.

“Let us have peace.”

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