Commercial Herald, June 10, 1893

Commercial Herald, June 10, 1893


Free Fighting in a Colored Flock.

Greenville, Miss., May 9. Mount Horeb Baptist church of Greenville is the largest colored church in the State. Elder G. W. Gayles, for two terms a member of the State senate, and at present a member of the Mississippi house of representatives, and last year the Republican nominee for congress in this district against Gen. Catchings, has been the pastor of the church for several years. Several months ago the members divided into two factions, a majority demanding the resignation of Gayles.

The trouble culminated, two nights ago, in a general pugilistic encounter between the brethren and sisters at prayer meeting, during which a number of members were fearfully beaten and bruised. About thirty members were arranged in the mayor’s court yesterday. Elder J. C. Chapel, Ed. Frazer and Sarah Dupre were convicted of assault and battery. The trial of a number was continued until to-day, when the matter was adjusted. Elder Gayles, in the interest of peace and harmony, tendered his resignation.

Owing to the prominence of members of the church, this row has excited considerable interest among both whites and blacks in the Delta.

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