Clarion-Ledger, July 28, 1870

Clarion-Ledger, July 28, 1870


Circuit and Chancery Clerk – H. T. Florey.
Treasurer – Joshua Myrick.
Assessor – M. B. Sullivan.
Supervisors – Wm. A. Johnson, Simon Daniels, J. I. J. Shelby, W. G. Myers, G. W. Gayles.
Justices of the Peace – Wm. A. Johnson, G. G. Gamble, J. I. J. Shelby, J. E. Edmonds, G. W. Gayles, Robert Walker.
Constables – Lewis Johnson, Simon Daniels, Jacob Cheatham, Reuben Hycock, Lott Sterling, Benjamin Onsley, Frank Freeman, Nelson Buchanan.

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