Delta Democrat-Times, Dec 23, 1968

Delta Democrat-Times, Dec 23, 1968

Mt. Horeb girds for more

Church celebrates century this month

Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist Church is in the midst of its Centennial Celebration during the entire month of December. Established in 1868, this church, located at the corner of Nelson and Broadway Streets, is one of Greenville’s oldest.

Historical records of the church have been kept over the years by the Chapple family. From these records one can learn the story of Mt. Horeb’s 100 years.

Rev. Moses Black and five other former slaves started Mt. Horeb Church in 1868 when Greenville was only a small river town. By 1869 the membership had increased to 350.


Rev. Gayles served as pastor until 1892. During this time there was much dissention among members and church meetings became so bitter police were called in as monitors. He was eventually disbarred along with some of the church deacons and the now New Hope First Baptist Church was formed.

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