Topeka State Journal, January 17, 1887

Topeka State Journal, January 17, 1887

The Liberia Scheme.

The JOURNAL acknowledges a pleasant call this morning from the larger portion of a committee of fifteen appointed to look after the matter of homes in Africa for the colored man. While this paper does not believe it best for the colored man to emigrate and thinks he had better spend his means and energies in improving his circumstances in this country, we recognize the fact that many differ from us on that point. The movement has members in Manhattan, Wamego, Osage City and Wyandotte and was organized first in this state by George Charles, Esq., of this city, in 1881. The society in Topeka has considerable strength and includes in its membership many of our best colored citizens. Anything of special interest that transpires in connection with the Liberian movement will be found in the columns of the JOURNAL, from time to time. Among the gentlemen who have interested themselves are the following, several of whom have large families:

George Charles, president; A. W. McReynolds, J. M. Owens, Albert Porter, Thos. Small, A. N. Cantrell, Benjamin Moody, Rev. A. W. Green, Rev. Wm. Bradley, G. Reed, J. T. Smith, Miller Bros., Robert Rector, Charles Charles.

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