Los Angeles Herald, September 20, 1896

Los Angeles Herald, September 20, 1896


Another selection of music and G. W. Albright, late of Kansas, and a colored man, spoke for voters of his race. In alluding to early political experiences the speaker said he was discouraged, and his wife told him he had better give up. “We were in Kansas then,” remarked Mr. Albright, “and you know how Kansas has tumbled about. Well, I was there when it was tumbling. Then I came to California. I thought I was out of politics, but when the people arose and nominated William Jennings Bryan I couldn’t keep back.

“Now, I want to ask you why you haven’t had free silver before. (‘That’s so,’ and cheers). You have been partly blind. The old flag you followed from victory to victory you have allowed to be trailed in the dust.”

He proceeded to review what the colored troops had done for the nation in 1812 and during the war, and then remarked that it was funny to go among men of the colored race who have followed the Republican party. “They’re just as sore as any white man in this audience,” said he, “and will swing into line for Bryan next November.”

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