Hartford Weekly Call, March 7, 1884

Hartford Weekly Call, March 7, 1884

For State Senator.

The time is now close at hand when the Republican party in convention assembled shall nominate a candidate for the office of state senator. This is no petty office, to be filled by any person that may be picked up on the streets, but it is the most important office that the people vote for in county elections. The man who should be selected for such a position should be one who has had past experience in legislative work, a man of honesty, integrity and ability, a man who can reflect credit upon his constituents. Such a man we possess at Hartford. He is a man who has more than once served in the upper house of his native state, a man who is well known throughout this senatorial district as a gentleman of great excellence, one who would be a credit to the district he would represent. We refer to our esteemed colored friend, Hon. G. W. Albright, of Elmendaro township. His race has, so far as we know, no representative in our state senate, and it would be an act of justice to elect at least one gentleman of that race to such a place, and there is no man in the state that would so well represent the colored voters of Kansas as the one of whom we speak. He is a very able speaker, a man of unimpeachable honor and integrity of character, and we trust that the honorable members of the senatorial convention may consider the name of our esteemed citizen, Hon. G. W. Albright.

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