Weekly Mississippi Pilot, Aug 22, 1875

Weekly Mississippi Pilot, Aug 22, 1875

Holmes County Republican Convention.

Pursuant to the call of the Republican Executive Committee, the Republicans of Holmes county met in Mass Convention, near Lexington, on Saturday, the 14th day of August, 1875, about 2,500 voters being present.

The Convention was called to order by Tennant Weatherly, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the call for the Convention was read by James Rowen, Secretary of the Committee.

On motion of R. A. Simmons, the following gentlemen were elected permanent officers of the Convention:

President, Tennant Weatherly; Vice-Presidents, H. W. Warren, J. H. Parker, Julius Falls, John White, B. L. Harrington; Secretary, James Rowen; Assistant Secretary, W. H. Butler.


MR. PRESIDENT: Your Committee on nominations respectfully recommend as follows:

For State Senator, Tennant Weatherly; Representatives in the Legislature, H. W. Warren, Jordan Weatherby, Jackson Hodges, jr.


Cotton Weigher, Ed. Scarborough.


delegates to the State, Congressional and Judicial Conventions, H. W. Warren, M. M. Holmes, R. A. Simmons, Jordan Weatherby, Tennant Weatherly, RIchard Banks; alternates, James Rowen, A. O. Lowell, E. Scarborough, J. H. Parker, B. L. Harrington and John White.

For Executive Committee […] district No. 5, Tennant Weatherly, B. L. Harrington, James Grandison

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