Daily Mississippi Pilot, August 1, 1875

Daily Mississippi Pilot, August 1, 1875

The Second Congressional District.

JACKSON, July 31, 1875.

At a meeting of the Republican members of the Mississippi Legislature, from the counties composing the Second Congressional District, held in the city of Jackson, Friday evening, July 30, 1875, Hon. D. T. J. Matthews, of Panola, stated the object of the meeting to be to get an expression of sentiment from the various counties in reference to the course they should pursue in the coming Congressional election.

Hon. Thos. S. Tate was called to the Chair, and G. C. Smith, of Coahoma, elected Secretary.

Each county being called in its turn, the Representatives in short speeches, declared it to be their conviction that the interest of the people would be best served by the re-nomination and election of the Hon. A. R. Howe. It was moved that a committee of three be appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting. Carried.

The Chair appointed Hons. Geo. W. Albright, of Marshall, J. H. Johnson, of DeSoto, and G. C. Smith, of Coahoma.

In the absence of the Committee, the meeting was ably addressed by the Hon. A. A. Rogers, of Marshall.

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