LC authority records

Library of Congress authority records are used by librarians to create subject headings for their holdings. While a few of the most prominent African American Reconstruction legislators in Mississippi, such as Hiram Revels and John R. Lynch, already had records, the vast majority do not. My colleague, Lauren Geiger, MSU’s former metadata librarian and current digital archivist, worked with me to create authority records for more of these men. Below are links to the ones that were created and approved.

Records Created
George Washington Albright
Louis Kossuth Atwood
Jesse Freeman Boulden
George F. Bowles
Charles Caldwell
Thomas W. Cardozo (not a legislator, but an important figure)
Hannibal C. Carter
Alexander K. Davis
William Henderson Foote
George Washington Gayles
James Hill
James D. Lynch
James G. Patterson
Isaac D. Shadd
James J. Spelman
Thomas W. Stringer

Records Edited
Josiah T. Settle