Vicksburg Herald, September 1, 1901

Vicksburg Herald, September 1, 1901


The following with regard to the unveiling of Stringer monument at the city cemetery will be of interest to the many colored Masons in the city:

The M. W. Stringer Grand Lodge, A. F. M., of the State of Mississippi and jurisdiction, assisted by the subordinate lodges thereof, will unveil the monument erected over the grave of their late grand Master, Thomas W. Stringer, at the City Cemetery, Vicksburg, Miss., Tuesday, September 17th, 1901.

The members of the Grand Lodge and members of visiting subordinate lodges, escorted by the subordinate lodges of Vicksburg, will assemble at Masonic Hall, First East street, between Cherry and Monroe streets, Tuesday, September 17th, at 10 o’clock a.m., where the procession will be formed and the following line of march taken up:

First East street to Washington; down Washington to South; up South to Cherry; up Cherry to the intersection of Cherry and Jackson, where electric cars will be boarded for the City Cemetery.

Addresses will be delivered at the cemetery, on the life and work of the deceased Grand Master.

The above is from a circular which has been sent out, signed by E. W. Lampton, grand master, and E. E. Perkins, grand secretary.

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