Commercial Herald, August 26, 1893

Commercial Herald, August 26, 1893


At his residence in Vicksburg, Friday, August 25th, at 5:45 a.m., Rev. Dr. T. W. Stringer, aged about 83 years, of malarial fever.

The deceased was one of the most prominent and influential men of his race in the South, and a member of several national conventions.

Dr. Stringer was born in Pennsylvania and afterwards went to Canada, where he lived a number of years. He came South in the year 1864. In 1869 he became grand master of the Masons of Mississippi. He took charge as pastor of the A. M. E. church of Vicksburg, shortly after he came to Mississippi. In the fall of 1879 he married Mrs. Lydia A Fishback. In 1878 he was elected Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias, which position he held five or six years. He was a Mason of the thirty-third degree. At the time of his death he was presiding elder of the first district of the A. M. E. church. He had served in this capacity a number of years. He was also president of the board of trustees of the J. A. P. Campbell College.

The funeral will take place next week, at a date yet to be announced, and, it is expected will be attended by delegations of colored men from all over the state.

Since the foregoing was in type it is learned that the funeral will take place next Tuesday. The body was embalmed by Mr. Arnold.

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