Grenada Sentinel, October 6, 1883

Grenada Sentinel, October 6, 1883

We publish below a letter from Rev. T. W. Stringer to Eugene Pettebone, Esq., of this place. Rev. Mr. Stringer is well known here as a colored man of ability, and of true Republican principles. His attachment to his party is unquestioned, and certainly the advice he gives should be heeded by the colored people. The letter will speak for itself, and the colored people will see that they are advised against combining with the Independents, as they represent no party and no principles. The Hon. Jno. R. Lynch is chairman of the Republican Executive Committee of this State, and formerly a Congressman from the 6th Congressional District. Mr. Lynch is opposed to the Independent movement, as it means nothing but office, and is in the interest of Chalmers, who left the Democratic party because they would not count Lynch out for him:

VICKSBURG, MISS., Sept. 26, 1883.

E. E. Pettebone, Esq., Grenada, Miss.

DEAR SIR: In answer to your query, “What should be the duty of Republicans of Grenada county, in the approaching campaign, in view of the confused and irregular proceedings in political affairs in the State?” permit me to say to you and all Republicans in your county and elsewhere, and from my experience with men and politics that circumstances have brought under my observation during my sojourn in this State since 1865, when I assisted, by my voice, in the organization of the National Republican party here, that my attention was called to the irregular actions of our Republican friends in your county, and in answer to your request I deem it a duty due to those who in the past have honored me with their confidence and suffrages, to divert them from the misguided paths that they seem to be drifting to; and in the name of manhood, liberty and of those who have sacrificed themselves on freedom’s altar since the reconstruction, I do appeal to them to halt before they proceed so far that to retreat or retrace would be everlasting disgrace hereafter. I would call the attention of all Republicans who have the respect for our party due it, to heed the advice of the Hon. J. R. Lynch, chairman Republican State Executive Committee, as found in his published letter in the Peoples’ Adviser of Sept. 22. Let it be read to all. In my opinion it contains the sentiments that should animate the Republicans throughout the State, and more especially in Grenada county.

Let the Republicans hold beat meetings and then have a county mass meeting, and if the wishes of the people are to have no regular stalwart Republican ticket, and the desire is to have a fusion, in the name of common sense let them fuse with an acknowledged political organization, such as the Greenbackers or Democrats; there can be nothing gained by a fusion with the Independents or Peoples’ party, for they represent an irresponsible body, whose platform is erected and upheld by the actions of the few who panders to popular whims to feast in office.

Inasmuch as the time is past, and God forbid never to return, when the few can misrepresent the masses, and we are arriving at that stage of political enlightenment to think and act for ourselves; and as the yoke of physical slavery has been broken, so may we cast off the political yoke, and as men, think and act for ourselves as Republicans and law abiding citizens.

Yours respectfully,

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