Vicksburg Herald, October 31, 1886

Vicksburg Herald, October 31, 1886

Sharkey County All O.K. for Gen. Thos. Catchings.

Correspondence of the Commercial Herald.

Nitta Yuma, Sharkey Co., Oct. 29, 1886.

Meetings held all over the county show that the colored folks, whites, except a “poor” little few Repubs, all the Mexicans and Chinamen, join in one hearty chorus and sing together for Gen. Catchings.

This is immense, is it not? Old Sharkey is always on top.

Your humble servant witnessed the grandest meeting at this place last night we have seen for years, and we have seen a few.

We were taken by surprise in the matter as in passing different stations, not knowing anything about the meeting, our curiosity was excited by seeing so many of our friends boarding the train, and naturally we began to question, and were very promptly informed. So we joined in.

The prominent parties, who got up the boom at this particular place were Dr. J. C. Hall, J. G. Parham, W. W. Miller, W. B. Barnard, George W. Butler and R. W. Houston.

While standing looking and meditating among the crowd of speakers and by-standers, we jumped about, I suppose, six inches high, because we were shocked, not by Wiggin’s earthquake, but a cannon. Then the speaking began, opened by George W. Butler, who delivered a fine speech also convincing to the colored people.

He was followed by R. W. Houston, who absolutely made the best and used the most powerful and truthful and convincing arguments we ever listened to from the lips of a colored speaker, (of course you know, Mr. Editor, both Butler and Houston are colored men, but good ones, not speakers.) They have joined the Democratic ranks. Now if such men as Butler and Houston continue their good work we will have the grandest, best and richest government on earth.

We could give a few of the points made by all the speakers, but it is not necessary, as we have our old friend, Col. Simrall, so badly defeated it is not right to keep punching him in the ribs. Yours, Democratically

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