Clarion-Ledger, November 9, 1871

Clarion-Ledger, November 9, 1871


Affidavit made against Him by a Prominent Radical and ex-Member of the Legislature.

C. F. Norris, late Radical member of the Legislature from this (Hinds) county, and a prominent colored politician, yesterday, November 2d inst., went before Wm. F. Fitzgerald, Esq., United States Commissioner for the Southern District of Mississippi, and made affidavit that Monroe Bell, Radical nominee for the Legislature had violated the Enforcement Act by attempting to bribe prominent members of the Radical party to support him during the canvass. We presume that Commissioner Fitzgerald will issue a warrant for his arrest immediately. We will also call the attention of the Justices of the Peace of this county to the fact that Monroe Bell has been, if Norris’ charge against him is true, guilty of a gross violation of the laws of the State, and it is their sworn duty to take Bell in hand as soon as the United States authorities are through with him.

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