Semi-Weekly Clarion, September 23, 1870

Semi-Weekly Clarion, September 23, 1870

Natchez and Jackson Railroad

A very full meeting of the incorporators of this important enterprise, in which this community is so much interested, was held at Natchez on the 15th inst. Delegates were present from Adams and Jefferson counties. Stirring addresses were made by Dr. A. T. Bowie, Hon. O. C. French, Hon. J. R. Lynch, S. L. Guice, Mayor Weldom, Thomas Reed, D. L. Rivers, Dr. John W. Young, General W. T. Martin, Hon. Merriman Howard, and others, all of whom spoke earnestly in favor of the road, while some demonstrated its immediate practicability.

The co-operation of the Boards of Supervisors of Jefferson and Adams counties was officially and liberally pledged. The following was adopted:


The Committee appointed to report upon the points at which books shall be opened for subscription of stock to the Natchez and Jackson Railroad Company, and the names of the persons who shall be appointed to open said books, beg leave to report that the books should be opened at Natchez under the supervision of Geo. W. Koontz, John Fleming, Richard Sullivan, John H. Weldon, Gerard Brandon.

At Fayette – Wm. L. Harper, Meyer Eiseman, Merriman Howard, Wm. G. Millsaps, James Archer.

At Jackson – Joshua Green, Wm. H. Furnis, C. E. Hooker, Dr. Wm. M. Compton, J. L. Power.

At Port Gibson – Col. D. L. Patterson, M. T. Newsom, Dr. E. R. Buck, J. J. Person, John R. Davis.

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