Clarion-Ledger, September 21, 1871

Clarion-Ledger, September 21, 1871

Jefferson County Correspondence.

September 14, 1871.

EDITORS CLARION: Some things are occurring in these surroundings that we want you to know. There is complete split in the Radical rank and file in this county. O. S. Miles and his faction, the Long’s, Balch and others (all except Miles, carpet-baggers) is running a tilt against Merriman Howard, Cessar, McClure and others. Miles and Howard are both out for the office of Sheriff. Miles don’t want it to go out of the family; since reconstruction, he has held it about two years, his relative, W. L. Long, has held it about the same time, it has been his opportunity to feather his nest, he will die hard, but die he must, for the colored people will rally to the support of Merriman Howard, one of their own color, and who has heretofore been the fugleman of the Radicals in this county. One blast from his trumpet has rallied them from hill top to valley, from the piney woods and the swamps.

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