Clarion-Ledger, October 6, 1870

Clarion-Ledger, October 6, 1870

Natchez and Jackson Railroad.

Gen. W. T. Martin has been in our city for several days in furtherance of the Natchez and Jackson Railroad project. The people of Adams, Jefferson and Claiborne manifest a commendable public spirit in behalf of this great enterprise, in which the citizens of Copiah and Hinds are equally concerned. Books of subscription are now opened at the following points:

At Natchez, under the supervision of Geo. W. Koontz, John Fleming, Richard Sullivan, John H. Weldon, Gerard Brandon.

At Fayette – Wm. L. Harper, Meyer Eiseman, Merriman Howard, Wm. G. Millsaps, James Archer.

At Jackson – Joshua Green, Samuel J. Ireland, C. E. Hooker, Dr. Wm. M. Compton, J. L. Power.

At Port Gibson – Col. D. L. Patterson, M. T. Newsom, Dr. E. R. Buck, J. J. Person, John R. Davis.

Utica – Sam’l F. Dudley, Geo. W. Mimms, Mathew Broome, Caleb T. Broome, and A. B. Weeks.

The subscription book for this point is at Greens’ Banking house.

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