Macon Beacon, April 7, 1933

Macon Beacon, April 7, 1933

On the east side, going north, was the Haynes hotel, back of which one block was the Shuqualak Academy (Capt. Darricutt, teacher); McNeese’s blacksmith shop (Pete Beasley, slave, his blacksmith); McNeese’s wood shop (Nathan and Marshall McNeese, slaves, the workmen); Sam Jackson’s wagon-making establishment, Stout’s private boarding house, and 200 yards farther north, McNeese’s saw mill.

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  1. I am so glad to see that my great uncle history along with my great grandfather Nathan mcneese life and history is finally reserved. I have photos of Nathan mcneese and history of him being the founder of
    Church in Jackson TN as well as a carpenter. I am writing the history of our family.

  2. Fatina, that’s so cool that you have a photo of Nathan! Do you know if your family has any photos of Marshall? Any information y’all want to add to the site would be extremely valuable, as I haven’t been able to find much about him so far.

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