Evening Star, August 4, 1919

Evening Star, August 4, 1919


Lemuel C. Moore, colored, night watchman at the District Supreme Court, rubbed his eyes, gave himself a pinch and stared again at the dark object moving stealthily down a corridor of the courthouse.

As he took a few steps toward it he was sure it was a rat, and seizing a stick, he started in pursuit. But the strange prowler was not to be so easily caught, and down the hall it started, with Lemuel and his stick on the trail.

Despite his sixty-five summers and as many winters, Moore finally got close enough to bring the stick down on the animal’s head. The race was over – but a surprise was in store for Moore.

As he gazed down at the half-conscious form he discovered it was not a rat, but a mink such as he had seen raiding chicken coops down in Mississippi. A mink was no stranger to Moore, but he is still wondering what business brought the animal to court.

Moore proudly presented the mink to Marshal Splain today as evidence that he permits no prowling on his post.

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