Vicksburg Evening Post, July 21, 1885

Vicksburg Evening Post, July 21, 1885


About 150 Delegates at King Solomon’s Baptist Church To-day.

The Colored Baptist Missionary Convention of Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana met at King Solomon’s Church, on Farmer street, at 10 o’clock to-day. About 150 delegates were present – nearly 50 arriving by the Anchor Line steamer City of Providence, and others by the different railroad lines. The following officers were present: G. W. Gayles, of Gaylesville, Bolivar county, Miss., President; Joseph Smothers, of Port Gibson, Miss., Vice-President; J. J. Peyton, of Sunflower county, Miss., Secretary, and G. N. Johnson, of Natchez, Miss., Treasurer.

A large amount of business will come before the Convention, and will necessitate a session of not less than a week’s duration. This is an eminently representative body of colored people, and will no doubt result in the accomplishment of the worthy purposes for which it has assembled here.

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