Weekly Democrat-Times, Nov 1, 1879

Weekly Democrat-Times, Nov 1, 1879

Letter From J. D. Webster.

Editors Greenville Times:

The following paragraph I find in the issue of Oct., 16th, of the “Mayersville Spectator,” viz “Has our colored friend Webster pledged” “himself to vote for any one for U. S. Senate in the event that” “he Webster should be elected to the State Senate” “We pause for reply.”

In reply I desire to say emphatically, I am not pledged to, nor have I ever been solicited to vote for any individual as our next U. S. Senator, Vice B. K. Bruce’s term expired. I will however say I shall consider it my duty, if elected to vote for the gentleman who in my opinion will best conserve and promote the material interests of the whole county and more especially for one who will by every legitimate means in his power promote and foster the Levee interests of the Mississippi Valley.

Very Respectfully,
John D. Webster.

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