Vicksburg Herald, October 22, 1884

Vicksburg Herald, October 22, 1884


John D. Webster, of Washington county, one of the most active and intelligent colored Republicans in the State of Mississippi, is working earnestly for the election of Hon. Thomas C. Catchings. He knows that Mr. Catchings is an intellectual, cultivated and honorable gentleman, thoroughly informed as to the needs of the District, capable of representing the people with ability and efficiency, and is besides familiar with public affairs in which he has had large experience. On the contrary he knows, that Pearce is profoundly ignorant, impudent and vain glorious, and is without a single qualification as the Representative of the District in Congress. The following from the Greenville Times explains the position of Jno. D. Webster, the ablest colored man in the District:

The Greenville Cleveland and Hendricks and Catchings club met at the opera-hall on Tuesday night last, mainly to make preparations for the reception of Messrs. Money and Catchings. Several names, black and white, were added to the roll of members.

J. D. Webster briefly addressed the club, in explanation of his motives for enrolling himself, though favoring the National Republican ticket, as a supporter of Gen. Catchings. He asserted that it would be a great and special pleasure for him to vote for a Republican and of his own race for Congress, were there one offering who possessed proper qualifications. But, that Pearce was neither worthy of the votes of the people by reasons of capacity or interest. That he owned not one dollar of property in the district, nor did he in truth and reality live here. Hence he could not vote for him; and he averred that nine-tenths of the colored people were opposed to him.

The club will meet again on Wednesday, the 22d inst.

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