Weekly Democrat-Times, Feb 10, 1877

Weekly Democrat-Times, Feb 10, 1877

Trustee’s Sale.

Worthington, Buckner & Co.
John D. Webster and Addie Webster.

In accordance with the provisions of a deed of trust executed by said John D. and Addie Webster, on the 2d day of February, a.d. 1875, for the purpose of securing the payment of certain promissory notes described in said deed, which deed of trust is recorded in deed book I No. 2, pages 341, 342, 343, of records of Washington county, and in compliance with the terms of the final decree rendered by the Chancery court of Washington county, Mississippi, on the 1st day of June, a.d. 1876, in cause No. 698, John D. Webster et ux vs. Worthington, Buckner & Co., by consent of parties the undersigned trustee will,

On the 1st Monday of February, a.d. 1877 the same being the 5th day of said month, proceed to sell, in front of the Court House door of Washington county, Mississippi, within legal hours, the property described in said trust deed, to wit: East half of south half of lot No. 25 of the second addition to the town of Greenville, measuring 66 feet front on Locust street, by 181 1/2 feet in depth, together with all the tenements and appurtenances.

Deed will be made to the purchaser in accordance with the provisions of said trust deed and said decree.

December 23, 1876-21

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