Barton County Democrat, June 30, 1892

Barton County Democrat, June 30, 1892


Important Meeting of Colored Men From All Parts of the Country – Dissatisfied With Their Treatment by the Harrison Administration They Form a Colored Democratic National Organization.

CHICAGO, June 22. – A meeting was held at democratic headquarters yesterday by colored democrats from all parts of the country under the auspices of the negro national democratic committee. Many of those present claimed to be republicans, but said the treatment of the colored race by President Harrison did not meet their views of justice. They said they desired henceforth to enter the democratic fold.

W. J. Scott, of Illinois, was made chairman. Among the prominent colored men present were Dr. J. E. W. Thompson, minister to Hayti under President Cleveland; C. H. J. Taylor, ex-minister to Liberia; Henry F. Downing, ex-minister to St. Paul de Leon; L. Marshal, alternate at large from Iowa; Prof. M. F. Alexander, eastern president of the Negro Democratic club of Missouri; James Venner, of Missouri; Hon. J. M. Turner, of Missouri, C. Lawson, colored representative of Tammany hall; G. W. Lamer and J. Allen Ross, of Kentucky; Hon. W. J. Scott, of Illinois, W. J. Johnson, of New York; Hon. James A. Ross, of Iowa; Hon. R. A. Jones, of Ohio; C. Hummels, of Chicago, secretary of the Afro-American Democratic club of Illinois; J. W. Brown, president of the club; W. A. Williams and G. H. Hammons, of Springfield, Ill. About fifty others were in attendance.

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