Clarion-Ledger, August 27, 1874

Clarion-Ledger, August 27, 1874

Crime in Issaquena.

[From the Greenville Times

We are informed that some weeks since, a magistrate at Leota, Vanzant by name, delegated J. Allen Ross to execute a warrant upon a colored man in Issaquena county; in course of which Ross and his posse inflicted violence and robbery upon the said man; from which violence the said man has since departed this life; the verdict of the jury of inquest being that he came to his death from blows inflicted by said “officers of the law.” As our information is not direct, it may be erroneous; we will endeavor to procure and publish a correct and particular version of it all. Ross is now in Issaquena, undergoing trial, we believe.

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