Clarion-Ledger, June 17, 1898

Clarion-Ledger, June 17, 1898


A Convention Held and Considerable Business Transacted.

A Republican State League Convention was held here this week. It was well attended and a number of Republicans were present. Resolutions were adopted endorsing the action of President McKinley on his untiring and manly efforts in the war against Spain.

The convention was called to order by President James Hill, who briefly addressed the convention.

After reading the call by the secretary the convention proceeded to business. The following officers were elected: G. B. Matthews, president; I. T. Montgomery, of Mound Bayou, Bolivar county, first vice president; B. W. Jackson, second vice president; Mose Schwartz, secretary; R. C. Robertson, assistant secretary, and J. B. Yellowly, treasurer.

The following named delegates were elected to attend the Republican National League Club Convention, that meets in Omaha, Nebraska, July 13, 14 and 15, 1898.

State-at-large – James Hill, Chas. Rosenbaum, A. M. Lea, E. W. Lampton, Wesley Crayton, N. A. Anderson.

1st District – R. D. Littlejohn, W. F. Elgin, F. W. Graham, J. W. Eliott.

2nd District – J. A. Burton, J. C. Robinson, Chas. Webber, A. D. Jonnican.

3rd District – S. B. Blackwell, J. H. Short, T. V. McAllister, G. W. Butler.

4th District – E. C. Lucas, W. D. Frazee, B. W. Foree, A. J. Cooke.

5th District – J. T. Ingleheart, T. J. Wilson, L. S. King, J. I. Garrett.

6th District – J. W. Randolph, Louis J. Winston, H. C. Griffin, Thomas Jefferson.

7th District – J. J. Williams, Wash Newman, J. B. Yellowly, G. E. Matthews.

After which the meeting adjourned.

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