Macon Beacon, February 5, 1932

Macon Beacon, February 5, 1932

My acquaintance with the good people of Macon and surrounding country soon became general.


Also negro merchants: Bill Ferris, Dick Gray, Toby Brackett. Capt. W. M. Conner, sheriff. Maj. Watt Lucas and J. R. Cavett, deputies; E. A. T. McHenry, chancery clerk; Isham Stewart, a negro member of board of supervisors; Amos Sanders, Enos McCracken, H. W. Spray, carpetbag school teachers of negroes. A. K. Davis, mulatto lieutenant-governor of Mississippi under Adelbert Ames, resided in Macon during all or part of my stay there. Davis was polite and good natured. He claimed to be a son of Col. A. K. McClung, which was never credited.

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