Foley to Grant, p. 1

Foley to Grant, p. 1

Letter from Hugh M. Foley to Ulysses S. Grant, p. 1


Natchez Miss Sept 1 1876

To the President U.S.
Genl U. S. Grant
Washington City

Dear Sir

This will inform you of the condition of affairs in Wilkinson County. I was compelled to leave my home in that County for fear of violence to me offered by the armed men of that County for my sentiments and principals as a republican. I was summoned before Mr. Boutwells Committee to testify of the late State Election held in this State and riot in that County, by reference to the evidence taken by the committee you will see what I and others testified.

I have been away from my family for some considerable time here in this City awaiting for some protection, that I might return home. Also Mr Peter Crout from that County who testified before that committee have been threatened with death should he return, he is a man of considerable property.

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