Weekly Clarion-Ledger, Jan 25, 1894

Weekly Clarion-Ledger, Jan 25, 1894


Creates a Little Excitement Around the State Capitol.

Mr. Jesse McLean, mine host at the Edwards House, presented the State a pair of fine pet deer on Thursday evening, and had them placed in the capitol enclosure.

They had been raised in the backyard at the hotel and were considered as docile, gentle and perfectly harmless as poodles, but since their experience Friday morning one or two people seriously doubt that proposition.

Guilford Vaughn is one of the porters around the capitol. Guilford was at one time a very important personage in this State. He was a member of the Legislature, representing the good old county of Panola, and enjoyed the distinction of being, according to the writer’s recollection, the only negro Democrat in the House during reconstruction days.

Now Guilford is a pretty sensible old darkey, but his school teacher never learned him much about the peculiarities of a big buck that has been led around town with a rope over his horns until he got awful mad, and therefore when he went walking off down the hill with a bucket of water in his hand he did not know what the aforesaid buck meant by shaking his head and snorting until he found himself rolling on the ground with the deer dancing a Highland fling on top of him. Guilford got up as soon as he could and retreated at a double quick.

Major Govan, hearing about old Guilford’s experience, got a little corn and went down the hill to pacify the deer. The Major and the deer were old friends and he counted largely on this acquaintanceship. So, walking up slow and easy he said, “Billy, Billy; come here Billy,” and “Billy” came, at full tilt – and the Major adjourned sine die.

Those of his friends who saw him in retreat say the deer gave up the chase early; he was completely out-distanced. If the Major enters the race for Congress down in the sea-coast district, and runs like he did yesterday, he will have a walk-over, sure.

The deer were taken back to the hotel yard, it being considered unsafe to keep them in such a public place as the capitol yard.

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