Weekly Democrat-Times, January 12, 1889

Weekly Democrat-Times, January 12, 1889

Gilbert the Gorgeous.

Some weeks since the commercial circle was shocked by the collapse and assignment of the firm of which Ex-Chief Justice Gilbert Horton was a member. Soon after this event Gilbert disappeared. At the time it was thought that his absence was due to consideration for his creditors; to a desire to disembarrass them from his presence in the distribution of his assets. But his return a few days since in all the panoply and pomp of stove-pipe hat, kid gloves and broad-cloth array, showed that he had been cutting no ordinary swath. From the beaming contentment of his visage and the oracular significance of his talk about Harrison’s “Southern policy” it is now thought that he has been to Indianapolis in consultation with the President elect; and that his interview was satisfactory. His creditors will probably give him an extension.

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