Weekly Democrat-Times, Nov 20, 1875

Weekly Democrat-Times, Nov 20, 1875

Gilbert Horton To The Front.

NOTICE. I Publish to the Public that I Gilbert Horton as Justices of the Peace has taking up a man try to seal a horse worth about 3 hunder Dollars for the Small Sum of Sixty five Dollars and after having the Defendunt Edward Green before my court after the evidence. of C H Smith & I a Numan and other I Bound the Defendunt over in the Sum of five hunder for his appear to the Next term of the Circuit Court; the horse is Supposed to belong to Georg, Clark yours very Respectfully Gilbert Horton Justices of the Peace November, the 13th, AD. 18,75

One of the consequences of the recent political calamity in our State, is the remission of his honor G. Horton to the quiet of unofficial life. His usefulness is however unlike to terminate, with this sad event. Our enterprising fellow-citizen, E. P. McDowell, proposes to exhibit him at the Centennial, as the emblem of one of the two elements, ignorance and rascality, heretofore controlling Southern local governments. He will be presented, in a sideshow, holding court. There is money in it for Gilbert, and a moral for the nation and the world.

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