Commercial Herald, October 6, 1892

Commercial Herald, October 6, 1892


Gayles, the Negro Preacher, Nominated for Congress Against Gen. Catchings – His Name May Be Omitted from the Ticket.

Greenville, Miss., Oct. 5. The Republicans of this, the third congressional district of Mississippi, held a district convention in Greenville to-day. The session has been a long and stormy one. As indicated in last night’s dispatches two delegations disputed for this county’s representation, two colored Richmonds being in the field for the honor of the congressional nomination.

The Hill faction, the more intelligent and reputable of the Republican wing in this State, put forward for nomination Wilford H. Smith, a rising young colored lawyer, while the LynchBruce faction flocked to the leadership of G. W. Gayles, a colored preacher and politician. The fight was bitter. This county’s representation was divided between the factions, three of each being seated. Late this evening there was upon the last ballot one vote short of a tie – 14 to 15, the chairman not voting. As the balance of power lay on Gayle’s side of the house, Smith withdrew in his opponent’s favor, but it is very doubtful if, under the new State law, Gayles ever gets his name on the ticket, as candidates to be recognized must now be regularly nominated on or prior to September 1st, no other candidates to receive recognition or to have their names placed upon the tickets unless the names of fifty legal voters from each county of the district be secured to a petition addressed to the election commissioners. Catchings’ election is sure.

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