Topeka State Journal, October 19, 1885

Topeka State Journal, October 19, 1885

Colored Men of Topeka.

A host of colored people of this state are still determined to aid in civilizing Africa, by colonizing and building that a government of their own as a nation. We have given this matter some thought; hence see the cries of the negro coming from all parts of the United States for an opportunity to return to Africa, their native home, whose climate is warm and more congenial to their nature and poverty-stricken condition. Our associates have now a membership of more than 200, the names of which will be published in our next publication. In our last meeting after some very enthusiastic speeches, the following committees were appointed:

Reception committee, Gabriel Reed, J. B. Burton, Simon Hoe and George White.

Executive committee, George Charles, Charles Charles, James Owens and Dr. W. Johnson.

President, GEO. CHARLES.
Vice President A. GRIFFIN.

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