Winfield Daily Free Press, Feb 1, 1913

Winfield Daily Free Press, Feb 1, 1913


Man Wanted $1.50 to Secure Pension of $500.00 for Ex-slaves.

George Charles, the aged negro janitor is looking for the white man who said he was going to pension all ex-slaves. Last week sometime the would be pensioner came to Mr. Charles and inquired into his past life. He said he wanted to gather statistics about former slaves. Mr. Charles told him as much as he know of his early life. He did not know exactly how old he is nor the exact age he was when sold by his owner to another. The man wanted know all about his home whether he owned it or not and everything he could find out. He said he was going to have a pension sent him last Friday. All the white man wanted was $1.50. This was handed out on short order. But the $500.00 has not yet shown up. Ora now thinks this white man was simon pure grafter working old negroes on the pension racket. The grafter wore a lodge pin and now Ora is suspicious of every man who wears that certain pin.

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