Semi-Weekly Clarion, February 16, 1872

Semi-Weekly Clarion, February 16, 1872

The Meridian Ku-Klux Trials.


(The proceedings consisted chiefly in arranging the preliminaries of the trial.)

United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Judge Hill; E. P. Jacobson, Attorney.


THURSDAY, February 15.

E. Scarborough, colored yellow – Found qualified by the court. Is a citizen of Holmes county. To the defense – Said he heard Aaron Moore tell about the troubles in Meridian, and particularly his own troubles; said he believed what he (Moore) told him about it. Witness has not heard the matter much talked about since he has been here, which is since the fourth Monday in January; has not talked much with Aaron Moore; has had some Legislative matters to attend to, and when not compelled to be in attendance on the court, was about the Legislature attending to other business; is not a member of the Legislature; wouldn’t confess straight out that he belonged to the Loyal League. The juryman was tickled at the question; said, they went along smoothly and met in the day time to hold their political meetings, &c.

Mr. Potter submitted to the court the question of qualification, and cited authority. Mr. Jacobson argued against disqualification.

Juryman peremtorily challenged, which is the sixth.

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